Freeze Concentrated Liquid Coffee

CCL has the capability to produce and offer freeze concentrated liquid coffee.

The speciality of Freeze Concentration technology is its ability to retain product quality to the maximum, as a result of Operation at sub zero temperatures. The closed system design of this technology eliminates vapour/liquid interfaces. There is no loss of aromas or other volatile components, no thermal degradation, no oxidation and there is retention of sensory properties of the original feed product.

Manufacturing process

Modern freeze concentration process consists of a crystallization section, where part of the water is converted into solid ice crystals with the use of a refrigeration system. The ice crystals are then separated by filters, centrifuges or with the help of wash columns. This technology is based on a specific form of suspension melt crystallization and has made freeze concentration economically feasible for a wide range of applications.more

Technical Specification

Test Parameters


:   Natural Liquid Coffee
:   Dark
:   35 +/- 5
:   1.1260 1.1480 gr/cc
Water Solubility
:   100%
:   4.7 5.4
Caffeine in Dry matter
:   1.3 % minimum
:   12.0 % Max
Total Plate Count
:   < 3000 cfu/ml
Coliforms/fecal coliforms
:   < 100 cfu/ml
:   < 100 cfu/ml
:   < 100 cfu/ml
:   Absent in 25gr


CCL Products has the capacity to offer coffee in jars, cans, sachets / pouches and bag-in- box, of varied sizes, shapes, styles and materials.


CCL Products is currently ISO 9001: 2000, HACCP and BRC certified. Additionally, CCL is certified to produce Organic Coffee, Rain Forest Alliance Coffee and Fair Trade Coffee, in any combination, by the relevant organisations.more

Types Offered

CCL Products has the capacity to offer Spray Dried Granules (Agglomerated) in the following forms:

  • 100% Pure Coffee
  • Decaffeinated Coffee
  • Organic Coffee
  • Fairtrade Coffee
  • Rainforest Coffee
  • Dual Certified Coffee
  • Triple Certified Coffee